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Julie Yunk

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Meet Julie, the passionate founder of Shaggy Chic Spaw, boasting an illustrious 24-year journey in Utah's pet industry. From managing pet boarding and daycare facilities to organizing fundraisers for local pet rescue organizations and providing in-home pet care, her dedication to furry friends is unwavering.


In 2019, Julie faced the challenge of opening Shaggy Chic Spaw just two months before the onset of COVID-19. Undeterred, her goal was clear: to continue serving pet lovers across the Wasatch Front. Shaggy Chic Spaw not only offers grooming services, a DIY dog wash, and local pet treats but also serves as a solid workplace for the grooming community.


Driven by a mission to provide a place where employees take pride in their work and enjoy a fulfilling life, Shaggy Chic Spaw values its team. Generous compensation, positive morale, and a strong company culture are the cornerstones, ensuring a thriving and appreciated staff.


Beyond the business, Julie finds joy in obsessing over her beloved senior chihuahuas, Rosie and Stanley, and works hard to provide a generous sweater collection for them. Having fostered over 50 dogs from various rescue organizations, she is an avid supporter of spaying and neutering and adopting from local shelters. An adventurer at heart, she has an insatiable passion for camping, traveling, exploring, live music, sunsets, salt water, and restoring vintage campers. Family and her beloved partner Lindsey are cherished companions in this journey of love for pets and life's adventures.



Meet Desi, our valued receptionist of the Shaggy Chic team for 2 years. Desi's satisfaction comes from coordinating bookings to ensure as many dogs as possible receive the grooming they need, showcasing a dedication to the well-being of furry clients.


At home, Desi shares the space with Gia, a lovely Papillon, Hazel the cat, Snow the budgie, and four chickens. When it comes to snacks, Desi enjoys fruit snacks and Pringles, with Sprite being the go-to soda. However, the favorites extend to Brazilian lassi and horchata.


With a fondness for penguins, Desi once had the delightful experience of feeding them at the aquarium. To unwind, Desi enjoys watching YouTube and favorite shows on Hulu. Embracing an eclectic range of hobbies, from sewing and reading to skiing, woodworking, embroidery, baking, and gaming, Desi brings a diverse and vibrant energy to Shaggy Chic.



Meet Brooke, a multitasking gem at Shaggy Chic, serving as both a receptionist and dog bather. Brooke finds her favorite part of working at Shaggy Chic in the positive work environment and, of course, the joy of interacting with all the cute and adorable dogs.


With a soft spot for labs and pointers, Brooke has a furry family of four. Ivy, a German Shorthaired Pointer English Setter mix, Leilani, a black Lab English Pointer mix, Max, a black Chihuahua mix, and Tony, a Maltese Poodle Bichon mix, all bring unique personalities, creating an adorable dynamic.


Brooke's favorite food includes eggs and Ramen, and her relaxation time involves watching movies with her canine companion. Hobbies include listening to music, playing with her dogs, and cherishing moments with her family. With a heart for dogs and a passion for creating a positive atmosphere, Brooke is a valuable member of the Shaggy Chic team.



Meet Sadey, one of our fabulous Groomers and Bathers at Shaggy Chic! With 4 years of experience and certifications in Canine Behavior Modification Training, Basic Grooming, Pet Handling, Geriatric and Obese Safe Handling, and Pet CPR/First Aid, she's a standout in her field. Sadey attended the Utah School of Pet Grooming, completing her training in-house at Shaggy Chic.


Her greatest skillset lies in her famous de-shed and blow-out treatments for thick undercoats and long-haired breeds, bringing satisfaction to both her and her clients. Sadey has a huge soft spot pampering senior dogs, ensuring their comfort and beauty needs are met during their spaw days. Beyond her salon expertise, she passionately fosters dogs from local shelters. Outside of work, she shares her heart with a senior German Shorthaired Pointer.


Sadey's positive attitude is cherished by her co-workers at Shaggy Chic, who admire her cheerful demeanor and dedication to ensuring every furry friend leaves feeling pampered and loved!



Meet Belinda!

A Utah School of Pet Grooming graduate, she's been crafting canine beauty for nearly 4 years. Belinda's favorite breed to groom is the Golden Retriever, but her magic touch extends to all breeds. Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid, she brings safety and expertise to every session. Quiet and observant, her co-workers admire her positive attitude and unwavering loyalty. At home, Belinda cherishes moments with her children and her beloved French Bulldog. Her passion for grooming, love for dogs, and family-focused spirit make her an invaluable part of the team!



Meet Madison, a dedicated and sweet groomer, Madison's gentle and mild demeanor creates a calming atmosphere for the dogs on her table and fosters harmony among her co-workers at Shaggy Chic. With nearly 2 years of grooming experience, she holds certifications in Pet CPR and First Aid. Madison's heart is shared with two cherished dogs—a Golden Doodle and a Bichon Mix. Beyond grooming, she finds solace and excitement in the fine art of archery during her free time. Madison's passion and calming presence make her a cherished asset at Shaggy Chic!



Meet Kiara, our skilled groomer with 3 years of experience, a graduate of the Utah School of Pet Grooming. Kiara takes joy in seeing her puppy clients grow up into big kids, loving the opportunity to know their unique personalities.


Specializing in grooming puppies and introducing them to the grooming world, Kiara holds certificates in geriatric dog grooming and behavioral modification. Domingo, her 9-year-old canine companion, is not only her best friend but also the perfect model for practicing creative grooms and techniques.


When it comes to snacks, Kiara enjoys different fruits with Tajin, chicharrones, and has a penchant for Jamaica and Dr Pepper. Outside of work, Kiara finds enjoyment in attending Real Salt Lake games, hanging out with family, and indulging in movies and series, especially Marvel films.


Beyond grooming, Kiara brings special talents to the table, doubling as a comedian, and showcasing skills in painting and baking. With a blend of expertise and a vibrant personality, Kiara adds a delightful touch to our grooming team at Shaggy Chic.



Meet Lindsey, our experienced groomer with over 12 years of expertise, certified at Petco Academy. While having a soft spot for Poodle grooms, Lindsey's true joy lies in making every dog on her table feel their absolute best. Witnessing the smiles of clients as they see the magic she works on their beloved pets is the highlight of her job.


Having worked at various salons across the state and at SL County Animal Services, Lindsey brings a wealth of experience to her craft. Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, she ensures the safety and well-being of her furry clients.


In her free time, Lindsey spoils her sassy Chihuahua, her goofball Pit mix, cats, and even her snake. After a day filled with wags and woofs, she unwinds by indulging in her passion for painting at home. Lindsey's dedication to her profession and her love for animals make her an invaluable part of our grooming team.



Meet Mizxley, this fantastic dog bather and dog lover at Shaggy Chic Spaw has flourished with in-house training, expanding her skillset in the salon. Mizxley holds certifications in Geriatric and Obese safe handling, along with Pet CPR and First Aid. Proud parent to a Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, and Pomeranian, she finds joy in baking, watching Netflix, and the soothing scents of candles. Eager to advance her expertise, Mizxley aspires to continue her training in the grooming industry, contributing to the excellence at Shaggy Chic with her passion and dedication!


Meet Zaidie, one of the cheerful bathers at Shaggy Chic! With a dream job working with animals, Zaidie finds pure joy in interacting with the cutest dogs all day, enhanced by the camaraderie with amazing coworkers.


Having a soft spot for doodle/poodle mixes, Zaidie is fascinated by their unique characteristics and the adorable, fluffy results after grooming. Beyond the bath tubs, family plays a significant role, with a 4-year-old son and two lovable dogs, Daphne (a golden doodle) and Lulu (a maltipoo).


In between suds and blow dryers, Zaidie's favorite snack is potato chips paired with a refreshing Sprite. A guilty pleasure involves a slight obsession with reality TV, finding the dynamics fascinating and amusing. Unwinding away from the grooming salon involves listening to music and indulging in TLC content, crime documentaries, and sci-fi shows.


Outside of pampering pets, Zaidie explores hobbies such as digital art, experimenting with hair colors, and mastering makeup techniques. Not just a bather, Zaidie is a passionate individual bringing creativity and enthusiasm to both work and personal pursuits at Shaggy Chic.




Meet Riley, our skilled and certified groomer with over 4 years of experience in pampering pups. Riley's love for her job stems from being surrounded by dogs all day, relishing the chance to understand their unique personalities to provide tailored care. While she has a soft spot for grooming Yorkies, Riley genuinely enjoys grooming all furry companions.


Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, Riley ensures the safety and well-being of her furry clients. Beyond the grooming table, Riley's world revolves around her two pups at home. Odin, her Jack Russell, is her constant shadow, while Remi, her faithful wirehaired pointer, joins her on paddleboarding and camping adventures, as well as quiet Netflix nights.


In her free time, Riley finds joy in hanging out with her doggos, skiing, embracing the outdoors, indulging in Mexican food, and snacking on gluten-free sweets. With a passion for both her profession and personal life, Riley brings enthusiasm and care to every furry friend she grooms.

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